Technical Abilities

At UDD, we rely on the collaboration of researchers from many backgrounds and disciplines. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are fully equipped. By working together, we can develop the kind of innovation your business needs.

We have a highly-skilled technical team at UDD and our  state-of-th-art laboratories are fully equipped and ready to develop the innovations your business needs.

UDD has more than 160 researchers working on different areas of scientific development. Amongst these areas the following stand out: Data Science, Materials Science, Biomedicine, Social Studies, Health, Public Policies, Climate Change, Mining, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Business Areas. All researchers have the willingness to work from their areas of expertise in partnership and contributing to the development of various industrial sectors nationally and internationally.

From a variety of research institutes at Universidad del Desarrollo, we offer you access to high quality technology services, development of laboratory tests, and analyses. You can find some of our services below.



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