Technology Portfolio

Assess all options available and boost your business with cutting-edge technology

At iCono UDD, we know that collaboration between research institutions and businesses is essential to reach innovative outcomes. These working partnerships favor technological development and their industrial applications, which are necessary to attain technological innovation.

Our collaboration focuses on establishing long-term relationships with partners who consider technology as a key factor in their business strategies. It is through these alliances that we develop forefront knowledge that the industry needs.

Some of the technological developments available for transfer are presented below. If you do not find the kind of technology suitable for your business, please contact us.

We also have a number of initiatives in early-stages of development. If you would like to invest in these for you own business, please contact us.


Trigonometry Device

Natural Biocide for the Control of Diseases in Apiculture

Inducer of Hepatic Regeneration in Steatosis

Cu-Paper: Antibacterial Paper

Treatment for Hantavirus

TOT Mobile App for Training for Exams

Treatment for Alcoholism and Relapse Induced by Addiction

Technological Tool to Implement Authentic Evaluations

Diagnosis of Epidermolysis Bullosa

Protocol for the Diagnosis of Hanta Virus

Sustainable Modular House

Prescription Patient Education (PEP)

Quantitative Brain Image

Method for inference of mode(s) of transportation to/from work