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Take your research to a new dimension. At iCono UDD we show you all your options and walk you all the way towards innovation.

Supporting your research from day one

iCono UDD supports you from the very first moment you choose your line of research and guides you to solve any challenges along the way. We help you analyze any cutting edge potential for your initiative. By doing so, we perform not only a full IP analysis and market evaluation, but also help you assess the likely impact of your research on society and industry.

Our team at iCono UDD collaborates with all researchers at Universidad del Desarrollo. By following your progress all the way through, we can help and support you with any challenges that may arise along the way.

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  • Invention Disclosure

Invention Disclosure is a confidential document that is first completed by researchers to notify the university about their invention. It sets the date, scope of research and who the inventors are. At UDD we use two types of documents: General Invention Disclosure and Software Invention Disclosure. The latter has been specifically designed for disclosure of any apps, or computer programs.

Before disclosing any kind of information regarding your invention, please complete the Invention Disclosure form and send it to us.

What happen next?

Once we have carefully checked your Invention Disclosure form and your field of research, we perform an initial technology assessment and give you advice regarding the best available intellectual property strategy and technology transfer.

Invention Disclosure access

You can download the forms for your invention here. Once completed, please send us a copy of it by email at this address: