Intellectual Property Abilities and Technology Management at the service of Innovation

We support innovation for our researchers and business partners thanks to our solid expertise in intellectual property and technology management.

At iCono UDD, we are committed to playing a relevant role by linking our university’s R&D facilities with the needs of businesses or institutions. Our pragmatic focus of knowledge management helps businesses and investors to identify new opportunities. Our facilities are available to offer services aimed at the university community as well as other organizations and businesses as follows:

Researchers and Inventors

  • Identifying and evaluating the potential of research outcomes
  • Developing strategies to safeguard intangible assets
  • Knowledge assessment and technology transfer processes
  • Assisting and orientating research efforts and taking them all the way through to application (technological development).

Businesses and Investors

  • R&D consultancy and intellectual property
  • Consultancy in technology development and in establishing capabilities for integration of technologies
  • Skills and organizational structures required to innovate
  • Portfolio analysis and valuation for R&D&i projects